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Questions? 1. Use our Chat App located at the bottom 2. Call or text us at 310-340-9411 3. Email: Support@Technic-Rims.com 4. We dont stock rims, orders are printed & shipped within 2 weeks.

We have been fully backup and running for about a week now!

As you guys know one of our 3 printers broke down a couple weeks ago. Super bad timing as it was in the middle of the launch of the Lox Green Evo wheels. Well thanks to everyones incredible patience we have got through all the order and they all have been shipped. We did not expect so many orders for the Green Rims and we want to thank you so much. Learning from the experience I think next time we will do a pre-order system so that people have the rims in time of building the car or something like that.