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Subaru WRX STI Kit
Subaru WRX STI Kit

Subaru WRX STI Kit

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NOTE: All our rims are made to order and usually with other customers in line takes about two weeks to ship. 

All Subaru rims come painted in your choice of colors! We then add a clear coat to give it some scratch resistance.

What you get in this kit?

x4 Subaru STI Rims painted in selected color & have pins inserter for mounting

x1 Subaru STI Spoiler painted in selected color

x1 Subaru STI Steering Wheel

Moving forward: all rims will come painted! Yes you read that right, the reason they didn't before is that I had no idea how to do a good job for you the customer. Well I purchased some equipment and practiced over 2 months and feel like I can now give you the customer a good looking paint job!

1x1 Center Tile: You can still place a 1x1 tile in the middle of the rim and also remove the tile by using a paper clip and pushing it out from the back.