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Our Team

Managing & Creative Director

Felipe Evangelista

Hi my name if Felipe Evangelista and founded Technic-Rims in 2020. I was born in South America but grew up in the United States and currently living in Florida for the past 10 years. My role is that of innovation and finding solutions missing from our online store or hobby building Lego Technic Moc's. If the idea is that of a new part or rim then its shared with the designer who creates a 3D file that gets sent back to me. I prep all files for supports, print, wash, cure, sand, paint, pack and ship the finished product to our customers. Ive been managing customer communication and all custom jobs but our new site will finally automate this. I was never taught perfection, I was born with it ingrained in my head. The idea that whatever I do or make or learn I strive to perfect or at the very least give it 110%. Ive emailed many customers asking if I could take another couple of days so that I could trash and redo the rims as I felt I could do better. I try to walk in peoples shoes and if I was the customer I would want the very best that company could deliver. In the rare chance I have time for my hobbies I love woodworking and still building Technic Super Cars. I do try to take one day a week and spend it with my niece and nephew who mean the world to me. In conclusion im so grateful to all our customers all over the world that see the value in the products we offer and keep us going!

Lead Designer / IT Security

Andreas Summer

Hi, my name is Andreas and Ive always been drawn to the technical side of the world. Since I can remember, Ive had the need to understand the fundamental mechanical principles of things around me, to take things apart and study how they work from the inside out. In school I gravitated towards technical drawing class and started my career as a technical draftsmen. Although interesting, it lasted only 4 years before I shifted my focus and found a career in IT Security. I have a beautiful family and work full time so my two hobbies which include working on my 67 Mustang or woodworking are seldom every done. Twenty years later the love to do CAD came back into my life and even longer absence of building Lego Technic (I found the gems of my teenage years in the attic of my parents house) I started to build the Hoonigan Mustang by Loxlego which had 3d printed rims. I wanted the same 3d printed rims and that's where I hooked up to my CAD past and started designing again. I taught myself Fusion360 and modeled the Hoonicorn rims in Fusion360. Shortly after that, the idea of sharing my designs on Facebook under the name of "SystemOfaBrick" was born. Time went by and I grew in the Facebook community designing 1:8 Lego Technic rims and met a lot of amazing people. At one point I reached out to Felipe from Technic-Rims, we kept in touch from time to time discussing different designs and projects. We both realized that we have a lot in common and found that we quite often, think alike. So it felt like a logical conclusion to team up and bring the community new ideas while being able to have many more options to choose from.

Designer & Web Developer

Daniel Meursing

I am Daniel, I'm 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands. When I was in seventh grade, I had a school subject called technics. I really liked it, especially because there was a 3D printer. And when I was done with the homework I was allowed to make models to print. At the time it was Tinkercad. I started making objects around me just to practice with it, for example my room, my trumpet and a few bridges I passed on the way to school. But it was a very limited program so I started to learn myself fusion 360. Again started to make just random things I saw around me. Since then I got four longboards, and guess what, I also made them in 3D. After I graduated, I started mechanical engineering in Delft. There we got a class in Solidworks, which is not that far off from fusion 360. And there we could get the certifications. So yeah, technically I'm a Solidworks professional. This year I started Mechatronics. I wanted to do more with robots and the coding side of engineering, as well as the mechanical side. But I still really like the CAD designing and that is why I also make the models for Technic-Rims.