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Lox Lego Designs

It was so awesome to see Lox Lego create a Merch Shop. I started browsing and immediately knew I just had to get two shirts. I ended up buying a white shirt with the black Ferrari F12 and a black shirt with Lox's new Mercedes. Shipping took about 1 week and was very straight forward, sizes are true to size but remember it does shrink a little. I normally use a medium shirt although it is a little tight so I wanted my new shirt looser and so I got a large and I'm very happy I did.

I started thinking how cool is it that we can flex having a shirt with one of the Moc's we are building or built. I'm proud of the cars I've put together, they work flawlessly, and if they don't ill rebuild them till they do. I love talking about Technic-Cars and the design that goes into them and this shirt is a perfect talking piece! I've had 2 people already stop and ask me about the shirt.

The first guy knew exactly what kind of car it was just from looking at the shirt and went into a cool story about racing cars for a living including an old Ferrari until he retired 20yrs ago. The second was a guy at the car dealership when I was looking around for a truck. He teased me about being in the wrong parking lot if I was looking for an expensive sports car like the one on my shirt. I explained what the car was and how it was built from Lego Technic pieces. I showed the guy some photos on my phone and he was very impressed.
In the end, ill be back to pick up a hoodie and another shirt once I finish the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2.

Here is the link to Lox-Lego's Merch Shop https://sellfy.com/10154813997711744/lox-merch/


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