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WHATS INCLUDED: 4 Centerlock Rims, 4 Centerlock Nuts, 4 Centerlock Brake Disc.


CENTERLOCK FAQ: Although we have tested the Centerlock Brake Caliper for insertion to lego hub & the rolling of cars back and forth, they have not been tested on RC cars. They may work great but until we know for sure the following is not covered and no refunds or exchanges will be given.

1. Using Centerlock Brake Disc, Centerlock Rims or Centerlock Nuts while driving car powered by RC or Motors. (NOT YET COVERED)

2. Removal of Centerlock Brake Disc from Lego Hub. Its possible but I DO NOT recommend it so please be sure which hubs you'r using. (NOT COVERED)

PRECAUTIONS: It's very important that if you decided option 1 ( DIY ) that you use PPE equipment when sanding or painting like a Face Mask, Eye Protection, Gloves and anything else that will keep you safe. Linked below is the Manufactures Safety Data Sheet if needed. If you still have questions please contact us.



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