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Why we've been gone so long.

Sep 09, 2022

Hey guys my name is Felipe and I'm the one man band of Technic-Rims. I create all the supports for the 3D designs by hand, print, wash, cure, sand, paint, ship, prototype, fix machines and occasionally chat with you guys for support. This isn't to take away from Daniel Meursing who's created all the 3D Models on this site and who also redesigned the new website with the amazing renders you guys see. 

I feel like I owe our customers an apology and also an explanation as to why its taken 6 months for us to come back online. In 2018 I suffered a spinal cord injury leaving me a T9 incomplete paraplegic and having no feeling or movement below my waist. After months of rehabilitation I was able to walk again and eventually drive and things seemed to be going okay which is around the time I opened the store. But it seems as time has gone by I’m feeling worse, with more pain and a hard time sleeping. So this brings us to today, I love making these amazing products for our community but can no longer work long periods like I used to which means things just take longer. This is one of the main reasons for the big delay. So thank you to all those customers I’ve reached out to asking for a little more time to finish an order and receiving an email back telling me it’s okay. I hope to keep exceeding our customers expectations and I’m so happy to be reopening.

Thank you again,

Felipe Evangelista