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Questions? 1. Use our Chat App located at the bottom 2. Call or text us at 310-340-9411 3. Email: Support@Technic-Rims.com 4. We dont stock rims, orders are printed & shipped within 2 weeks.

Back from Vacation & lots of changes coming!

New Subaru WRX STI Rims!

Subaru rims are now available for purchase and as you will see in the pictures the layer lines are hardly noticeable. We will be adding the other rim and steering wheel in the next couple of days so stayed tuned.

Where did all the old rims go?

Don't worry they will be back soon and have been taken down to re-arrange and fix a couple of issues that customers pointed out.

Shipping Changes

We have been getting a lot more messages about shipping delays once the US Post Office gets the package. I feel really bad and I have no idea whats going on with our post service so we have decided to give our customers the choice of shipping. This is one reason the rims have been removed so that we can lower the prices to match shipping so things stay about the same.

This is the USPS website to check if the delays are affected your country: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm

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