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Questions? 1. Use our Chat App located at the bottom 2. Call or text us at 310-340-9411 3. Email: Support@Technic-Rims.com 4. We dont stock rims, orders are printed & shipped within 2 weeks.

Carbon Fiber Print In Development

Here at Technic-Rims we are always trying to come up with new and innovative ideas. Just not so long ago we opened our store only selling standard PLA rims. From there we didn't sit still and continued to look for the next idea that would bring value to our customers and that's when we launched our Vapor Rims. It took a bit to catch on but once the photos of our customers started circling the net the rest was history. Vapor Rims are now the number one product we sell and we are so happy our customers love them. Since then we having been working on new ideas to bring you even more options to build your custom cars with the use of Carbon Fiber Print. Currently, we are testing it only on our rims but once the process is perfected we will be moving into doing Lego Technic Parts. We are still in the early stages but do have a couple of prototype carbon rims. So stay tuned and will update you with any new developments on this project.

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